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Staffing shortages affect all healthcare providers, diminishing the quality of the care delivered and patient safety overall. The same baby-boom trends that are affecting patient populations are also impacting staffing. Reduced budgets, the inability to fill open positions, and the increasing number of patient visits by chronically ill patients will require providers to increase productivity of existing staff.

Older processes and technologies often make it difficult for nurses to be as effective as possible.  Inefficient communications systems centered on the nurses station are time-consuming.  Often, they remove nurses from the patient care role, requiring them to be as much project manager as they are caregiver.  Because of these limitations, nurses understand the importance of clear, concise communications and are often the first to recognize and embrace technologies that improve the flow of information throughout the hospital.

Our nursing solutions include:
A platform for growth:
  • Faster response times
  • More time for staff to spend on primary functions
  • Rapid assembly of specialty teams
  • Direct nurse-patient communication
  • More efficient escalation or diversion of services 




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