Delivering information at the point of care

Provide caregivers with access to patient information, hospital services, and each other, from any location—inside or outside the hospital walls.

In an environment where anytime, anyplace communication is critical, the lack of effective collaboration can result in poor decision-making, inefficient clinician workflow processes and delayed responses to patients. With wireless communications, event-driven, intelligent notification, and real-time location services for staff and equipment, FlexITy Health’s Mobility and Wireless Solutions enables your staff to stay in continuous communication and receive immediate access to patient information, alarms and service requests to deliver collaborative treatment plans, improve patient outcomes and throughput, and ultimately improve clinical productivity and effectiveness.


  • Streamlines clinical workflow to help alleviate resource shortages and improve patient throughput
  • Enables faster response time and greater collaboration to help improve patient safety and quality outcomes
  • Enables integration of security-rich wireless and voice networks across hospital environments to help simplify and reduce costs of communication

Improving patient care and workflow through virtually anytime, anywhere communications

Your provider organization faces continuing resource limitations yet is challenged to improve quality of care and responsiveness - all while addressing increasing healthcare regulations and growing patient capacity. To meet these goals, you need tools that improve workflow and patient throughput, streamline team communications, and provide fast, secure access to critical real-time information. Managing multiple, costly and increasingly disparate communications systems, such as paging, cellular, radio, nurse call and telephony, can impact the efficiency of clinicians and caregivers. Delays in responses to patients and colleagues can subsequently increase administrative and financial burdens and risks.

FlexITy Health allows your highly mobile clinicians and staff on-demand access to colleagues and time-dependent information while controlling expenses and managing risk. Real-time access to patient information and more meaningful collaboration between clinicians and caregivers allow you to make more timely and accurate patient assessments and informed care decisions. By leveraging the benefits of an integrated and security-rich wireless and communications platform across the organization, your clinical staff can provide patient care more effectively and efficiently, improve response times, enhance workflow efficiency and increase patient throughput while reducing costs and risk.

FlexITy Health Mobility Solutions help healthcare services become more efficient:

  • Physicians on rounds can use their laptops to update patient charts and provide dictation. Updates are then immediately available to other staff members, helping to ensure that decisions are made based on up-to-date patient information.
  • Dieticians, nurses, and therapists can check orders, keep track of special needs, and review test results using wireless tablets.
  • Patients no longer need to wait in line to be registered. Instead, a roaming registration clerk brings a wireless tablet to the patient in the lobby or Emergency Room. Patients who need immediate treatment can even be registered at the bedside after receiving critical treatment. 

Why FlexITy Health?

FlexITy and its partners lead the industry in providing healthcare connectivity that facilitates collaboration among physicians, nurses, and ancillary staff. Together, we are helping transform healthcare through:

Innovation: FlexITy and its healthcare partners have a proven track record of deploying innovative network solutions and best practices that enable physicians, hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare and life science organizations to be more effective.

Participation: FlexITy and its partners are involved with international healthcare initiatives focused on improving access to healthcare information.

Collaboration: FlexITy and its partners are working with healthcare industry leaders—including application, system and service providers, device manufacturers, and medical technology vendors—to connect the entire healthcare environment to a common information and communications infrastructure.