Transforming Clinical Workflows with Virtualization 

In my previous blog , I talked about how virtualization is picking up momentum in the healthcare industry and how this is resulting in simplified clinical workflows and providing nurses and physicians with fast access to the applications and information they need to support positive patient outcomes. In this posting, I would like to touch on one of the key areas where virtualization has made a significant impact – desktop virtualization.

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What to do with all this data?

The proliferation of mobile medical devices means providers, payers and even patients are collecting more data than ever before. But do they know what to do with it?

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Hospital CIOs Get Heads Out of The Cloud, And Applications Into It!

Cloud computing has matured to the point where the question is no longer if you will use it, but when. Cloud computing provides a flexible, secure, scalable environment with real cost advantages. In other words: Do more for less. The achievement of this lofty goal is accomplished with a few important parameters.

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Technologies health systems should require

The need for tools that help provide coordinated care is growing. And according to many folks I have spoken with in the HC industry, health IT professionals need to start thinking beyond traditional models of building and running applications, which tend to be "complex and expensive."

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Top IT initiatives your hospital should undertake NOW

Written By: Antonio J. Ragio A fresh start...that what we all need sometimes. A time to think about new IT approaches. After exhaustive research over the past several months, here are 8 initiatives hospitals should prioritize in 2012/13.

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