The ROI of Collaboration

As INSEAD Professor Morten Hansen says, “The goal of collaboration is not collaboration itself, but great results.” Working with many of our customers, we’ve developed a framework for assessing the true ROI of collaboration, and it falls into three distinct categories:

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The Role of Video and its Impact on your Network

In a recent Forbes artcle Guido Jouret, Cisco’s Emerging Technologies CTO, talks about how in today’s business world all companies require video strategies to achieve successful collaboration. I couldn’t agree more. I recognize however that implementation of video technology like telepresence raises concerns about network capacity. While high-quality, secure video enables more face-to-face interactions and helps build deeper relationships, an insufficient video implementation can ruin the user experience and counter potential productivity gains.

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Shrinking the World of Healthcare

Recently, I was speaking with Dr. Mounes Kalaawi, the CEO at Clemneceau Medical Center in Beirut. Clemenceau has had an affiliate relationship with us since 2002, making it Johns Hopkins Medicine International's oldest contract.

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Taking the Plunge into the Cloud...

The “cloud” (in the context of computing) is not a new concept. If you use web-based e-mail, then you probably are tapping into the “cloud,” because the remotely hosted application and information are pushed to you “on demand” based upon your needs.

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Factors for a Successful Unified Communications Deployment

We are often challenged with the question of how the Cisco and Microsoft Unified Communications products and services work together. While contemplating my response, I started to wonder about how customers should approach Unified Communications strategies, investments, and projects irrespective of any vendor-related decisions. In discussing Unified Communications solutions with customers, I recommend that they keep six success factors firmly in mind in charting course for highly effective UC solutions.

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