Understand Business Risk When Considering Technology Investments 

We could debate whether certain technologies are or are not a commodity, but the fact of the matter is when many IT leaders evaluate their technology spend they consider two points: function and cost. This viewpoint yields initial cost savings when technology investements are awarded solely based on price. Unfortunately, a major consideration has been left out when evaluating enterprise technology investments mainly on price. The business risk and increased operating costs associated with multivendor environments, which in the long run may mitigate any initial cost savings.

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Security vulnerabilities that could mean trouble

At this point, the benefits of EHRs are well known - the reduction of paperwork, relief of administrative burdens and substantial cost savings. But, the presence of an EHR in a care setting also dramatically increases the risk of a data breach. Not all organizations entrusted with protected health information (PHI) are putting the security protocols in place to assure the confidentiality and integrity of PHI content. If healthcare organizations ignore the security vulnerabilities in their healthcare environment, both internally and externally, costly data breaches may be the result.

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ROI of Collaboration Solutions in Healthcare

The Healthcare industry whether provider, pharma or medical device manufacturer finds itself at a very interesting crossroad: the patient is the center of attention and each entity now has an increased focus in achieving outcomes from delivered services. For providers care coordination of at risk patients in particular accountable care, the threat that re-admissions pose, the need to move non critical patients from ER to more cost effective walk-in facilities; operational efficiencies in specialty access, nursing operations and a flattening of in-patient revenue and the need to build referrals for acute care are driving changes to existing business models.

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Cloud computing trends that will affect cloud strategy through 2015 - will you be ready?

Continual monitoring of cloud computing trends, with regular updates to the enterprise's cloud strategy, will be essential to avoid costly mistakes or miss market opportunities over the next few years. Although the potential for cloud computing is significant, the breadth and depth of the impact, as well as the level of adoption over time, are uncertain and will require frequent review.

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Ways ER Docs Can Keep Finances and Communication Healthy

Nearly every healthcare organization and affiliated clinician group faces challenges when working to meet new models of care and payment delivery. "There are standardized themes happening, whether that's value-based purchasing, reform initiatives such as ACOs or regulatory changes. It's just the way it is moving, and it's happening rapidly," said Robert Hitchcock, MD, a practicing emergency room physician. "Each group is interpreting these changes differently, and that can be difficult. While some of these initiatives have yet to implemented, they are beginning to alarm people."

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