Social Media and Healthcare Technology

As our healthcare system adopts new electronic processes, the use of social media and its role within the healthcare industry must be addressed. Research indicates that social technology can enhance the delivery of healthcare and is the preferred communication method by patients. Although many patients and healthcare professionals are encouraging the use of this technology, the majority of practicing medical professionals hesitate using this media because of the perceived risks associated with physician-to-patient communication. This makes me wonder if the benefits of current social technology really outweigh the risks?

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Collaborative Patient Care

There has been significant discussion and information generated across the Internet surrounding Healthcare and IT (HIT). Although this information is vital to understand both the purpose of HIT and experiences medical facilities have had with new technologies, it does not seem to resonate with the general public- the people who are directly affected by this transformation. This makes me ponder the question- from the perspective of the patient, is collaborative patient care a learned behavior?

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Politics and Healthcare IT

It may be because healthcare for Canadians is a national right thanks to the Canada Health Act, but health information tech has become heavily politicized. Wide sweeping changes to healthcare are unheard of in any political environment because challenging the status quo can become a political liability. The other side of this coin is that the need for modernization of medical IT infrastructures, information and communication is paramount if Canada is to continue to have a high performing and relevant health care system.

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Storing Medical Data in the Virtual Cloud

We are often asked our thoughts on the cloud as it relates to medical records.  I believe it comes down to a handful of considerations, all of which get easier to assess as technology chugs forward.

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