Are your Wireless Medical Devices up to the Coexistence challenge? 

An interesting article titled “Wireless Medical Device Coexistence” was passed my way recently. The article made a case that by creating a formalized testing strategy the risks associated with the coexistence of wireless technologies could be reduced resulting in a safe and effective wireless medical device. After reading it – I began to consider the problems we all face with wireless device coexistence and began to ask myself if such testing would improve the coexistence challenge.

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YOUR Cloud

In my first job as a nurse manager every morning I was delivered a stack of interoffice envelopes. Some mornings now when I open my email and find 40 messages have come in overnight, I think wistfully of those simpler days. I could send a response and not hear about it again for at least a day. Now, I can’t even read the next message before the one I just answered is back in my inbox. And I still think whoever created mail groups must be the spawn of Satan for developing corporate sanctioned spam.

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Gen Y and Technology - Delivering NextGen Healthcare 

In the words of Morley Safer from the American news program 60 Minutes, “Stand back all bosses, a new breed of American worker is about to attack everything you hold sacred.” What a nice way to put it Mr. Safer, but to be honest, it sounds a little biased.

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The Future of Collaboration

In the recent 2012 IBM C Suite Study, leaders said that Collaboration is the number one trait leaders are seeking in their employees, with over 75% calling it critical, and many now see technology as an enabler of collaboration and relationships – those essential connections that fuel creativity and innovation.

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A New Way to Work: The Virtual Workspace

Almost five years ago, I was introduced to the concept of business mobility in motion. Laptop sales were booming and Wi-Fi connectivity was cropping up everywhere, giving rise to the vision of people being mobile and their work following them. Today that vision has never been more real: the workplace is no longer a place. A new generation of devices, applications, and of course increased network capacity, allow people to perform almost any work activity — from the mundane to the complex — almost anywhere. Where we all come together today is a virtual workspace, and we’re connecting to it from places, devices, and applications of our choice.

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