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The Future of Collaboration

Written By:  Steve Simmons

In the recent 2012 IBM C Suite Study, leaders said that Collaboration is the number one trait leaders are seeking in their employees, with over 75% calling it critical, and many now see technology as an enabler of collaboration and relationships – those essential connections that fuel creativity and innovation.

At FlexITy, we believe that people can achieve extraordinary things by working together, and FlexITy creates the environments and experience that puts the extraordinary within reach.  We are shaping a future

  • where collaborative work spaces are a blend of physical and virtual,
  • where the choice of collaboration tool will be the users choice, not IT’s,
  • where social networks are integral to the fabric of our social identity,
  • where digital communities are incubators of ideas and innovation and
  • where knowledge flow extends beyond the enterprise, to partners and customers;
  • all facilitated by ubiquitous collaboration capabilities.

I am excited to be part of the team that is making history, the team that is making the next digital age a reality. I believe that with Collaboration, FlexITy is delivering on its vision – changing the way we work, live, play and learn.

Built on the network as a platform, our collaboration vision is not only about software or hardware, but BOTH -- We believe in supporting customer choice of device, not prescribing a “one size fits all” model.   And for this to work we need to integrate mobility, security, and applications. 

Collaboration is driving the next digital age.  We are ready to make history, and take on the Future of Collaboration.  Are you?

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