Rapid growth projected for connected buildings

Spurred by improved network and infrastructure design, as well as a proliferation of tailored cloud computing solutions, the market for building automation is expected to see substantial, rapid growth through 2018.

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Avoiding unified communication network threats with managed IT services

To ensure that a unified network infrastructure simplifies IT and improves business processes rather than introducing new threats, organizations should leverage the expertise a managed IT services provider like FlexITy with a dedicated network operations centre.

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Healthcare Organizations Go Big For Analytics


BYOD: Employee-Led Innovation Goes Global

Millions of consumers around the globe are buying smartphones, tablets, and other advanced mobile devices loaded with features and apps that can be used for business as well as for their own personal communication and entertainment needs. Many of these people have started taking these devices to work and integrating them into their daily workflow. This trend is often called “bring your own device,” or BYOD.

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The Dimensions of Learning

A large part of my job is explaining things to people. You can have the greatest technology in the world, but if you can’t explain to people why it is important, and how it will make a difference in their life or their business, then you have only done half the job.

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