FlexITy joined the EMC’s Velocity Program in 2006 –  a partnership solving real problems

EMC Solutions drive IT efficiencies and improve clinical and business workflows throughout the enterprise. This allows healthcare providers to focus on improving patient care and ensures that informed decisions are made.

Information-enabled healthcare decisions are critical in an environment where the volume and types of sensitive, secure patient information are constantly increasing. FlexITy Health and its partner EMC enables IT departments to maximize the efficiency of their information infrastructure to keep pace with electronic health record (EHR) adoption, manage risk and compliance, improve operational efficiencies and other regulatory demands—with fewer resources and less cost to the business.

With Data growth predicted to increase at a rate of 100% every 18 months it is essential that IT infrastructures within Healthcare can not only cope with expanding volume but also add considerable value. Data is required by front line staff for day-to-day operations as well as for providing the best possible service to staff and patients alike.

FlexITy Health and EMC have delivered Healthcare solutions for over 30 years, protecting patient data and preventing against data loss and security breaches, lower TCO and improve energy efficiency, leverage and manage clinical information, and optimize IT Infrastructures.

“EMC understands the pressures faced by Healthcare IT Professionals to reduce costs, maintain a secure environment and provide the best possible service to all of their stakeholders. Together, we are committed to providing Healthcare solutions that specifically meet and exceed these needs.”

Ron Stewart, Executive Vice President

EMC Forum 2011, Toronto, Canada