Successful data management requires much more than investment in technology—it also involves putting the processes and people in place to manage all aspects of the data lifecycle.

Thus, all three areas have an important role to play in how data is created, stored, moved, used and retired. Leading healthcare businesses are beginning to understand the importance of data management and architecture, which is vital to ensuring that the data needed for organizational decision-making and reporting is available, accurate, complete and secure.
Most healthcare executives are constrained by information and data that are often insufficient or untrustworthy, or so copious that they require weeks to analyze. How often are you faced with the following situations: 

  • Being patient-centric if you don’t know who your patients are? Patient-centric healthcare organizations rely on access to comprehensive and trusted information for more informed decision-making. Unfortunately, it is common that health organizations are not able to accurately identify a patient at all points of service.
  • To improve the quality of care, deliver increased value and encourage EMR adoption, healthcare organizations need trusted data.
  • The quality of your business data directly influences the effectiveness of your business processes and quality of the business decisions you make every day. Yet it’s typical for data about patients, resources and operations to be housed in multiple information silos, with no consistency among them. In fact, according to the Tower Group, 50% of healthcare enterprises separately maintain master data in 11 or more systems.
  • Increasing pressure to control escalating healthcare costs, reduce the ranks of the uninsured, improve quality of care and support innovative clinical research. Meaningful improvements in healthcare efficiency and quality will rely heavily on technologies that can improve the flow, integration and interpretation of data across the continuum of care. 

FlexITy’s Healthcare practice provides a structured, holistic approach that delivers offerings and assets to support our clients in managing their data. We structure data management & architecture into the following domains:

  • Data Governance—The human organization to manage and oversee data.
  • Data Structure—The definition of data.
  • Data Architecture—The storage, movement and retrieval of data.
  • Master Data Management—The maintenance of consistent core data throughout an enterprise and with business partners.
  • Metadata—The management of data definitions and information about data.
  • Data Quality—The accuracy, completeness and legal compliance of data.
  • Data Security—The protection of data and the authorization to use it.

Skyrocketing costs and healthcare reform demands transformation from the healthcare community. Responding to this unprecedented change and achieving high performance means using knowledge in new ways—from the back office to the doctor’s office – to help our clients deliver more effective, efficient and affordable healthcare - with Insight Driven Health.

Organizations need trusted data so they can arrive at deeper insights, make better decisions and achieve better business outcomes. Healthcare Data Management solutions from FlexITy and its partners make it easy for your applications and processes to use complete, accurate and timely data that:

  • Glean deeper insights and optimize business results
  • Achieve a single, trusted view of critical business information from disconnected silos
  • Master data across multiple domains – customer, product, account and custom
  • Use the implementation style most appropriate for your project
  • Mobilize information at the point of care
  • Securely access clinical data
  • Accelerate innovation and research

FlexITy Healthcare enables insight to support better decision making, leading to compliance with government regulations; reduced risks inherent with improved data quality; improved productivity and operational efficiency; improvements in customer satisfaction; and increased enterprise agility, thus achieving high performance.

We believe in providing best-in-class solutions – no matter the situation – and creating partnerships with firms that share our dedication to the outcome.  On the playing field, these partners compete each and every day – but they recognize and share FlexITy’s commitment to architecting the right solution – at the right cost – delivering the right results.  All of the time.

Learn more about how FlexITy and its Data Management partners below are helping healthcare organizations throughout Canada, by providing them with the most reliable clinical, financial, administrative, and medical data management solutions:

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