The Healing Power of Teamwork

In the future, the world will have over one trillion connected and intelligent things – cars, airports,roadways, pipelines, manufacturers and even infusion pumps or surgical sponges.  For the first time in history, digital and physical infrastructure are converging and almost anything can become digitally networked at a low cost. 

To thrive in future health systems, providers will need to transform to patient-centered, information-rich organizations. This means building proficiency in health analytics to deliver evidence-based, coordinated and accountable care.

Hospitals, medical centers and physician practices can improve quality, outcomes and efficiency, while preparing for emerging care models. FlexITy Health solutions connect care teams, organizations and patients to help them increase patient value, grow competitive advantage and reduce costs through increased collaboration and information sharing. FlexITy Health partners with healthcare organizations to achieve better quality, better outcomes and best-in-class operations.  Re-examining the way we deliver healthcare and finding ways to provide better care at lower costs.  All to deliver greater value in an increasingly competitive environment.

These technology developments are making it possible to capture information across many systems, share it securely and privately, and make it available via a variety of devices.  In a situation where having the right information at the right time can literally make the difference between life and death, technology is essential to building a system that links patients with providers, researchers and others.

The Electronic Health Record

We recognize that once paper records are digitized, a whole world of opportunity opens up.  Patient information can be securely shared between medical institutions, benefiting both patients and providers.  Digital files can be mined to uncover correlations between symptoms and genetic predispositions.  The resulting data would expedite an era of individualized medicine, when drugs and other treatments will be customized for each patient.

The advancements in healthcare IT would also serve as a catalyst for the use of Web 2.0 technologies in interesting ways, including health information portals, personal health records, and related social networking.

FlexITy and its partners are seeing an unprecedented move toward having the capability to transform the healthcare system, where information is captured using intelligent devices, shared across the complete spectrum of healthcare practitioners through the integration of secure networks, and available on-demand to patients, families, clinicians, researchers and other stakeholders.

In Canada, examples abound:

  1. Enabling incubators to capture and analyze a constant stream of hundreds of biomedical parameters.  These systems alert doctors to the development of potentially life-threatening conditions long before staff could detect them through routine monitoring.
  2. Mobile devices helping doctors record symptoms, analyze their severity against a database of clinical information, and then search for and review treatment recommendations or courses of action.
  3. A disease surveillance system that will provide public health officials with vital tools such as outbreak identification and vaccine inventory management.  This can launch a better, more coordinated response to communicable disease outbreaks such as H1N1.

Building Smarter Healthcare Solutions with FlexITy and its Partners

Whether trying to increase patient safety, reduce wait times or provide real-time access to information for better decision-making, FlexITy Health works with best-of-breed partners to provide care delivery organizations with innovative, real-world and tested solutions. 

FlexITy’s dedication to solving the many challenges facing the healthcare industry today depends upon the shared efforts of our network of business partners.  As a result, FlexITy’s healthcare clients enjoy one-stop shopping for the most current and effective healthcare solutions available today.

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