In 2005, FlexITy formed its partnership with Cisco Systems and achieved Gold Partner Status.

FY 2010 and 2011 proved to be banner years for the FlexITy organization, receiving numerous accolades based on outstanding project achievements.  Most valued was the recognition received for our innovative work with the Sault Area Hospital - which, shortly after its completion, was recognized as the most advanced digital hospital in Canada.

As the only Canadian Cisco partner to receive Global Theater awards in 2011, we are truly proud of the accomplishments of our entire organization and the role they play in helping our clients achieve their objectives.

With Cisco, we share a mutual commitment to excellence:

  • Offering the best trained engineering team in Canada, designing, implementing and supporting many of the highest valued infrastructure projects in the country, and
  • Housing one of Canada's most comprehensive interoperability labs ensuring that our clients can properly test the benefits of Advanced Technologies before making an investment.

These are just a few examples of how we have invested in our partnership.  Like other great pairs, FlexITy and Cisco value and nurture our partnership every day. Together, pursuing the promise of building a smarter healthcare environment.