The Cisco Medical-Grade Network—
Providing a Foundation for a Connected Healthcare Ecosystem

Unlike the healthcare environment of several decades ago, where a patient’s various illnesses were treated
by a single physician, today’s patient and their medical and clinical information are seen and shared by many
healthcare entities. To help power all parts of this new healthcare world, a connected healthcare ecosystem is
needed—where networked resources of data, information, knowledge, and processes are all parts of the connected healthcare world.

The first step for many healthcare organizations is to take advantage of technology to create a platform where
information can be collected and exchanged electronically. The Cisco Medical-Grade Network creates the foundation technology from which this information can be disseminated within the hospital or healthcare system. By interconnecting independent healthcare entities that are now technology-enabled by the Cisco Medical-Grade Network, Cisco supports the transformation of healthcare with the connected healthcare ecosystem.

The Cisco Medical-Grade Network helps create collaborative relationships among all members of the connected
healthcare ecosystem, enabling a connected healthcare community through interoperable processes, technology, and people to provide ‘anywhere, anytime’ information. While the benefits of connectivity may be different for each segment of the health community, the benefits to the patient are the same: the delivery of safe, affordable, and accessible healthcare. In the end, it is simply about connecting people to enable access to
critical health information anywhere and at any time.

The Cisco Medical-Grade Network provides an optimized framework for the healthcare industry meeting healthcare’s unique needs for interoperability, security, availability, productivity and flexibility. Recognizing that every healthcare institution has different needs—whether it is a hospital, a clinic, or an academic facility—
the Cisco Medical-Grade Network provides a framework that defines network strategies and policies that are purpose-built for each environment. By building networks within the organization that meet the unique security, availability, and flexibility needs, the stage has been set to expand the organization’s reach into the connected healthcare ecosystem.

Cisco Medical-Grade Network’s end-to-end framework is built specifically for the healthcare industry, providing
integration and interoperability at each functional area to optimize interactions among healthcare participants,
processes, applications, and hardware components. Healthcare applications are generally complex and many
large healthcare systems boast more than 300 different applications. With the Cisco Medical-Grade Network,
diverse business and clinical communications are facilitated and integrated across the continuum of care.

To meet the unique security requirements of the healthcare environment, the Cisco Medical-Grade Network also offers identity and policy-based privacy and security from inside the network to beyond the organizational walls. The network facilitates healthcare industry requirements to securely store large amounts of data for extended time periods.

In the acute care environment, 24/7 availability is required. The Cisco Medical-Grade Network’s high-availability design effortlessly supports the requirements of today’s health organizations through the convergence of data, voice, video, and imaging. Connecting people and information in real time, the Cisco Medical-Grade Network enables healthcare providers, patients, and administrators to access the information through a converged network, enabling access when and where they need it.